Friday, 8 April 2011

Indefinite Hiatus...

Annie Phetamine, for better or worse, exists now only as a hollow persona which may be utilised in future should I return to poetry...if Alan Gillis is to be believed this should occur around the 10th of Never.

Me and my little sea monkey are off to start our new life together, away from Edinburgh, away possibly even from Manchester and caring little for the bridges I was unable to rebuild before my departure.

I thank the friends who, even in my prolonged moments of silence, have still supported me and assure you all (though a return to social networking is likely never to happen) I will be in contact with you all in time.

To those who find themselves unable to be happy for me, view me only with scorn or still believe the bullshit I fed them in the depths of my despair -- take heart, you never knew me and therefore need not feel obliged to even note my passing from your life.

Still, we will meet again. You have dues to pay.

This blog has run its course, that is not to say another may not appear in its place, but this cyber stronghold is no longer populated.



1 comment:

  1. Take care of yourself, and of the little'un.

    I hope you find somewhere good for you, and urge you not to give up on the poetry yet.