Friday, 28 January 2011

3:45am, January 29th 2011

Today, I started to believe.

Sat in front of the parliament buildings, three sheets to the wind and staring at the few stars visible amidst the neon glow of humanities fear of the dark I felt a tug in some long dormant part of my mind.

There is a God.

You see - a world truly left to it's own devices, free from the interference of some all-knowing, ever-powerful child (driven half mad with millenia of narcissism) could never be as cruel.

If you set a car in motion and exit via a convenient window, it simply stutters on for a short while then stops.

It doesn't run itself thirty miles down the road into the nearest orphanage and explode.

Such intolerable fucking torment, as is every morning I awake to discover I haven't conveniently suffocated in my sleep, takes planning.

And intent.

So I reiterate: There is a God and he is punishing me for merely continuing to draw breath and yet, by proxy, ensuring that I do.




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