Thursday, 27 January 2011

To A One Night Stand...

"You're so unbelievably beautiful" you said, as you affectionately petted the hair you'd attempted to rend from my skull a mere twenty minutes previous.

[I got the distinct impression you were referring only to your workmanship - this quasi-conscious young woman, beaten about the face until she saw white bleed into the corners of her vision.]

Not so attractive any more, all swollen lips and bruised fingerprints, was I.

Was I?

"Now, come sleep with me", American intonation creeping across my aching body like a malignant melanoma.

Even through the concussion I wanted to scream; "You're as much a notch on my bedpost as I am on yours, moron!"

[But in the end it's all just a bit of fun.]

6am, I caught you sneaking out like a true guilt-riddled Jewish boy.

Four hours later I woke up and patted down the bed only to discover the cheeky, Colonial cunt hadn't even left me a tip.

Well, fuck.



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