Sunday, 23 January 2011

I Think I'm Due a Doctors Appointment...

You'll never read this.

So I, behind that fondly described

Too-wide smile where

Gritted teeth disguise the

Rise of cyanide tainted bile,

Will write you a broken heart.

A novel of three parts in

Indelible, invisible ink.

I'll learn to cite my soul

In Chicago format and

Make pain a perfectly



Copyright page after page as

The product of a mind you wagered;

"Shouldn't be known to those from stable homes".

Publish my prose under

'Notes', 'quotes', 'anecdotes' or

'The trouble with blokes who think they're rock stars'.

For clarity:

Promises, made in basement bars occupied

A ha'penny stride from 'one too many',

I'll italicise:

It's me and you, babe, fuck the consequence.

Then underline the lies.

I love you.

© Annie Phetamine



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